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Computer forensics is the collection, preservation, and examination and preservation of all forms of digital media, and the investigation of computers for evidence including documents, deleted documents, Internet history and system use history. As the name implies, it is the process to find how a computer was used and to report the facts using forensically sound technique. It is a specialized service concerned with providing evidence (or proving a lack of evidence) regarding how a computer was used, what files were accessed and at what time, and who had accessed them.

Techfusion Computer forensic experts are certified and licensed and adhere to a rigorous discipline, using a variety of techniques and proprietary forensic applications to examine and determine the best and fastest approach to a case. We recover data in a non-invasive way to make available ALL data including deleted files, fragments of files and temporary data from electronic media of all types.

You may not realize that just turning on a computer will change data that could be vital for a case. Our expert team is able to identify, assemble, analyze, and explain large amounts of digital information so that it can be presented as evidence in a court of law.

Techfusion offers a full line of forensic processes for almost any type of media including PCs, Macs, servers, cell phones, electronic recorders, voicemail systems, digital cameras, etc. We will offer a Chain of Custody report from the moment we receive your data until you get it back.

Don’t hesitate to call us to see how we can help you manage your next case involving electronically stored information. Techfusion Forensics has the advantage of over 27 years of experience. Our team is ready to go to work on your case providing superior electronic discovery, analysis, expert testimony and guiding you through every step of the computer forensic process from initial incident response toward courtroom success.

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Chain of custody

Chain of custody is chronological documentation for evidence in a particular case, and is especially important with electronic evidence due to the possibility of fraudulent data alteration, deletion, or creation. A fully detailed chain of custody report is necessary to prove the physical custody of a piece of evidence and show all parties that had access to said evidence at any given time.

Techfusion strongly encourages chain of custody reports and makes them available for all computer forensic cases.

Why TechFusion?


Computer Forensics is used in a wide variety of computer-related crimes including civil disputes and corporate investigations. These investigations can vary from information retrieval to reconstructing an entire series of events. Computer Forensics engineers can find evidence of and recover lost or deleted data, even if it was intentionally deleted. “Deleted” evidence can be found for analysis and building evidence in legal cases.

For any digital forensic evidence to be considered admissible, the information must be found and analyzed by a professional outside of the firm or individual involved in the dispute. Without an independent third party, the validity of the digital evidence will be considered compromised or improperly collected.


In order to maximize project efficiency a TechFusion consultant completes a PIP (Preliminary Investigative Procedure) for each case. An intensive overview is conducted to define the client’s goals and forensic requirements while establishing the most direct yet thorough pathway in order to save time and expense once the investigation is fully underway.  A TechFusion computer forensic engineer then follows a set discovery process to extract digital evidence from servers, hard drives, backup tapes, laptops, removable media, workstations, cell and smart phones.

This digital forensic evidence can be used in court of law proceedings.


After the digital forensic investigation is finished, a TechFusion engineer delivers a comprehensive report on the data that lists and explains the findings. This report could then be presented to a court of law or to any other parties involved in the case.
All digital evidence, even if valid, must be obtained in a legal manner.

Our Process


In the acquisition phase of an investigation, data is isolated and duplicated in order to protect the “live” data source.


Using custom developed methods and software TechFusion forensic experts review the material, extract relevant data and search for information related to the case.
The findings of the investigation are delivered in a comprehensive report that is capable of being presented as evidence in a court of law.Learn More

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This company saved data that I thought was lost forever. Years of artwork and files were lost when my computer crashed. Other forensic providers said that they couldnât retrieve my data but TechFusion didn’t hesitate to meet the challenge. Thank you!