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Since our founding in 1988, we truly have seen it all. Our unique history has allowed us to grow with the cutting edge of technology. From the first commercial hard drives to the advent of solid state technology, our decades of experience are truly unparalleled.Learn More
From tablets and smartphones to laptops and portable drives, your data is always at risk. Wherever your digital information is stored, we have the technology and the expertise to retrieve it when disaster strikes. TechFusion Engineers are standing by.Learn More
Computer forensics is the collection, preservation and analysis of digital information in a legally-admissible manner. This process allows the information obtained to be used in the courtroom as evidence– but it can also offer invaluable personal insights.Learn More
TechFusion takes pride in being a truly local business. We offer the personalized experience and professional results that the outsourced corporations cannot provide. Contact us today; an expert opinion is only a phone call away!Learn More
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Cutting Edge Forensics; Revolutionary Recovery

Call: 617.491.1001Welcome to TechFusion. Our Cambridge, Massachusetts based firm has been a trusted authority on data recovery and computer forensics for nearly three decades. TechFusion is proud to operate as one of the few truly multifaceted technology firms in the country. We pride ourselves in offering the most sophisticated recovery methods available industry-wide to support our personalized forensic investigations, and as standalone services. TechFusion’s unique combination of world-class recovery and cutting edge forensics allows us to produce results like no one else can.

Your data is priceless. Trust the experts to save it right. Whether your needs are courtroom evidence or rescuing an invaluable file, we are here to help. Take the first step: call today for a free phone consultation.

Call: 617.491.1001