Techfusion data analytics experts understand how to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data stored in both commercially available and custom-built computing systems and documenting ESI (Electronically Stored Information). Our technical team has nearly three decades of experience to help clients understand data requests and deliver results accurately and quickly to financial analysts, attorneys, corporate management and individuals.
Data Analysis is conducted once we have obtained a forensically sound image of the device and the data has been culled to reduce processing time. Our experts understand how to effectively identify, collect, examine and preserve fragile digital information.

Recognizing the fragile nature of digital data, and the legal and regulatory requirements to properly preserve electronically stored information (ESI) during forensic investigations, is key to the preservation and documentation of data.

In cases of complex and voluminous data retrieval, TechFusion will give you the most cost-effective strategy for data retrieval and review to optimize litigation expenses. The data can be organized and structured as per the clients review strategy.

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