Techfusion is open and here for our customers. We will communicate using telephone and email. Devices can be shipped to our Cambridge location. We will work with you to arrange the safe and speedy return of your devices.
Data recovery is the retrieval of deleted, lost or damaged files from a digital device. Techfusion has developed numerous proprietary techniques to effectively retrieve lost, corrupted, or deleted information from an extensive variety of digital media under numerous loss conditions. We have successfully recovered files from deletion, formatting, loss of partition table, impact or shock damage, fire damage and water damage. Our highly skilled engineers tailor the recovery process to fit the needs of each client; from global corporations to a local college students, we offer the knowledge and expertise you need to retrieve your vital data. Techfusion has over 28 years of experience in recovering data from RAID servers, Hard Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), USB flash drives, flash/memory cards, cell phones and much more. Put our expertise to work for you; no job is too big or too small.

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When you lose a precious file to device failure, formatting, or deletion, Techfusion engineers recommend the following in order to provide the best chance of recovery:
  • Stop all use of the device and power it down safely as soon as possible. Do not pull the power cord or battery; a proper shutdown is key. This is especially important for cell phones and other volatile data sources.
  • Do not attempt to recover files yourself. Cheap or free software available online often does more harm than good, and may hamper the recovery of key files.
  • Seal the device in an antistatic bag if possible, and carefully protect it from impact. This is especially important for hard drives, which are particularly sensitive to physical damage.
  • Write down as many specific files or folders as possible, and file extensions where possible, and give them to your engineer. This will allow us to target our recovery efforts.
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Why Techfusion Data Recovery?

  • Three decades of experience
  • Recovery capabilities for nearly any device or operating system
  • Advanced proprietary recovery options for RAID and NAS servers
  • Legacy device recovery capabilities, including floppy disks and zip drives

Cases We Handle:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire or Smoke Damage
  • Accidental Formatting or Erasure
  • Loss of partitioning
  • Device failure
  • Physical damage
  • Mounting failures
  • File Corruption
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When No One Else Can

Call: 617.491.1001Welcome to Techfusion Data Recovery, Boston’s premier data recovery lab. Our Cambridge, MA lab has been accepting local and international clients from around the world for over 28 years. Whether you’re around the corner or on the other side of the globe, our service is prompt and effective. We have successfully recovered data from RAID servers, NAS drives, hard drives, flash drives and floppy drives from a variety of failure conditions. Techfusion proudly features Solid State Drive recovery services along with Mobile Device recovery, two unique and exceptionally difficult devices to work with. When your data is at risk, trust the experts to recover what no one else can.
Solid State Drives, more commonly known as SSDs, are popular for their speed, durability, and security. Their flash-based memory cells are typically reliable and more resilient to drop and shock than their spinning hard drive counterparts. However, when data loss occurs in an SSD due to deletion or drive failure, a specialized engineer is required to address the unique architecture and volatility of the data. SSD data is easily overwritten and corrupted in the wrong hands, potentially hampering recovery efforts and destroying data.
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Memory cards, including SD, MicroSD, and Compact Flash, are all commonly used to store audio and visual data from cell phones and cameras. These types of cards feature flash memory cells, which offer excellent durability and portability for mobile devices. When a memory card fails, the data loss can be catastrophic. Photo, video, and audio recovery is a difficult endeavor that requires specific skills to avoid corrupting fragile files. Consult with one of TechFusion’s expert engineers to retrieve your precious data today– don’t leave it up to chance.Learn More
Virtual Drives are an excellent way to benefit from multiple operating systems. From cross-platform work to accessing legacy data, virtual drives are increasingly useful for many professionals and home users alike. When critical information is lost from a virtual drive, or worse, the entire virtual drive loses it’s functionality, the results can be devastating. Finding engineers with the capability and expertise to produce results from virtual drives is next to impossible. Fortunately, Techfusion offers a team of specialized engineers dedicated to this specific line of work.
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