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When a security breach, information leak, or intrusion occurs, TechFusion is fully equipped to conduct a thorough investigation. The first step in effective forensics is to preserve all available evidence for later analysis. We can determine if and when information was accessed, copied, or dispersed without authorization, but only if the devices involved are carefully snapshotted. Our expertise extends across devices of all sizes and types, including RAID, laptops, tablets and cell phones. Evidence preservation ensures the best possible foundation for all subsequent forensic work, including data collection, data analysis and E-Discovery.
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Cell phones and tablets are an integral part of many people’s daily routines, along with possibly multiple computers. Because of the amount of personal information contained on these devices, they can act as decisive pieces of evidence in court cases. TechFusion offers the most advanced forensically-sound acquisition methods available to retrieve the maximum amount of data, even when the device has been damaged or a file has been deleted. Our proprietary techniques allow us to retrieve all types of Electronically Stored Information, including small system files that may prove critical in investigations. E-Discovery is key in retrieving this type of data.
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Your online presence holds an enormous amount of data. From social media to online banking and business email, the security of your identity is critical. When your devices are compromised by malware, hackers, or even a friend or family member, TechFusion can help determine what accounts, files or information has been accessed or modified, and help you to secure your accounts to prevent further problems. Our Data Collection services are instrumental in determining the cause of the security breach, and in establishing key evidence. These services are critical to every type of investigation involving a digital device.
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Digital forensics is the collection, preservation, and examination of all forms of digital media, and the investigation of computers for evidence including documents, deleted documents, Internet history and system use history. As the name implies, it is the process to find how a computer was used and to report the facts using forensically sound technique. It is a specialized service concerned with providing evidence (or proving a lack of evidence) regarding how a computer was used, what files were accessed and at what time, and who had accessed them.

Information obtained through a forensics investigation can be used as evidence in the courtroom, or for your own peace of mind. TechFusion accepts cases of all sizes and types, following a consultation. Our investigators can report on several valuable benchmarks, including access times, browser history, file deletion, location history, and more for a variety of digital devices. Ready to see how computer forensics can help you? Call today for a free phone consultation.

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TechFusion offers a wide range of services to suit a variety of needs. From corporate investigations to personal curiosities, TechFusion is ready to help. Consult our service menu below for an overview of some of our key offerings.
Ready to begin your case? TechFusion offers complimentary phone consultations to determine which services are appropriate for your specific situation. Once it has been determined that a forensic service is necessary, an initial meeting will be scheduled to go over specific details, and to drop off devices for service. In order to expedite your case, our investigators recommend the following:

  • Bring all associated devices to the initial consultation meeting. This may mean routers, cell phones, computers, or any other device you feel is relevant.
  • Be specific with date ranges, keywords, names, and phone numbers wherever possible. Digital devices contain huge amounts of data, and narrowing the range of the investigation can greatly reduce processing time.
  • Come prepared with usernames and passwords for any accounts or devices that may have been compromised. Please be advised that we can only analyze devices for which you have explicit authorization to access.
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Why Techfusion Forensics?

  • Three decades of experience
  • Advanced recovery options to obtain the maximum amount of evidence
  • Flexible investigations to suit corporate and personal clients
  • Variety of services available, including document review and expert testimony

Cases We Handle:

  • Corporate Espionage or Unauthorized Disclosure
  • Divorce or Infidelity
  • Security Breaches or Hacking
  • Unauthorized or improper device usage
  • Remote Access
  • Keylogging
  • Identity Theft
  • Digital Property Theft
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Call: 617.491.1001Data Forensics is used in a wide variety of computer-related crimes including civil disputes and corporate investigations. These investigations can vary from information retrieval to reconstructing an entire series of events. Our specialized forensic experts can find evidence of and recover lost or deleted data, even if it was intentionally deleted. TechFusion offers the capabilities of professional data recovery in-house as a compliment to our stringent forensic process. Our unique business allows us to make available the maximum amount of evidence possible, which leads to success in the courtroom. Trust the experts to do it right. From E-Discovery to Witness Testimony, TechFusion is ready to help. On site consultations are available.