Increasingly, in the fast growing world of digital information, all companies and organizations are finding it necessary to delete large volumes of data from their storage systems. This is a crucial step in certain cases and can prove to be quite challenging regarding sensitive data that may remain across platforms. Techfusion offers services to ensure that you erase your data securely and completely when necessary, thus preventing your data from falling into the wrong hands.
With new technologies, deleting data is much more than hitting the delete button. Data still remains on hard drives in hidden areas and data recovery can take place in many cases. Secure erasure, or erasure verification is the practice of using a multipass erasure method to overwrite and erase data from all areas of a drive, including unallocated space. There are many levels of erasure available, each with different security protocols to suit specific applications and budgets.

Techfusion erasure solutions offer varying levels of security to fit your specific needs. We have proven methods to securely erase all data from nearly any storage device, from large RAID servers down to SSD drives or other flash memory products. Call us today to discuss your options, and for a quote.

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