Techfusion has long been recognized as a leading technology firm around the world. Our insight and capability has earned us extensive local and national notoriety in both digital forensics and data recovery. Over the years, Techfusion’s work has influenced hundreds of high-profile cases and brought peace of mind to thousands of clients. Browse our gallery of television and print coverage below!


WGBH: Alfred Demirjian, CEO, on the City of Boston’s Lost Menino Emails
NECN Report: Alfred Demirjian, CEO, on the City of Boston’s Lost Menino Emails
International Journalist Assassination Case
NECN Report: Alfred Demirjian, CEO, on the Aaron Hernandez Case
NECN Report: Alfred Demirjian, CEO, on Tom Brady’s Destroyed Cell Phone


Newswire: Alfred Demirjian on the Apple Encryption Debate

TechFusion CEO Stands With Apple in FBI Lawsuit

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Boston computer forensics firm Techfusion condemns the FBI’s demand for a less secure iOS from Apple.
“Consumer privacy is an undeniable right,” says Techfusion CEO Alfred Demirjian. “To sacrifice that right under any circumstance is an inexcusable violation of trust between customer and manufacturer. Developers, like Apple, have a duty to protect the users who trust in their systems.”

The CEO states that the FBI’s demand for Apple to write a backdoor, or universal access point, into Apple’s iOS operating system is an “unacceptable use of government power.” While terrorism is a real fear for Americans today, universally compromising the integrity of the iPhone is…Continue reading

Boston Globe: TechFusion on Menino’s Deleted Emails


Forensics firm will scour hard drive:

Computer forensics specialists will probably be able to retrieve at least some of the e-mails deleted, in an apparent violation of state public records law, by the top policy aide to Mayor Thomas M. Menino, according to several specialists who provide such services. Yesterday, responding to an order by Secretary of State William F. Galvin, the city hired a computer forensics firm, StoneTurn Group, to scour City Hall computers for the missing e-mail …Continue reading

Armenian Mirror Spectator: Alfred Demirjian on Defining Data Recovery


Demirjian Cracks the Secrets of Lost Hard Drives:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Alfred Demirjian, the founder and chief executive of one of Boston’s first data recovery companies, careens through a yellow light before merging across four lanes onto the expressway. He speeds up, then takes both hands off the wheel to adjust the radio tuner.

“When I drive, I think,” Demirjian says. “It calms me down.”

He must be back in the office by…Continue reading

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