What Is Marriage Fraud

Marriage Fraud or “SHAM MARRIAGES” are placed high on the list of immigration authorities enforcement priorities. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) do everything to ensure that the marriage fraud is prevented before it occurs. A “Sham Marriage” is when immigrants marry for reasons of Green Cards, and the spouse, a US Citizen, does so either knowingly or is scammed unknowingly.

What is Immigration Marriage Fraud?

Immigration marriage fraud is a violation where a person enters into a fake or fraudulent marriage with the intent to deceive immigration officials. It is also known as a “sham marriage.” Some examples of conduct that might fall under immigration marriage fraud can include …

  • Falsifying marriage documents
  • Deceiving immigration officials
  • Setting up a fake living arrangement to meet immigration marriage requirements
  • Entering into a marriage of convenienceMarriage fraud is illegal and can result in various legal penalties.

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You May Be A Victim of Marriage Fraud If …

There is disparity in age.

The spouse is of a different religion.

The spouse has an unusual marriage history.

The timing of the marriage is too convenient.

The spouse has any history of fraud of any kind.

The spouse is a non-citizen and is rushing the marriage.

There is no language that you have in common together.

The spouse suggests marriage unusually soon after you met.

The spouse is of a different social class or cultural background.

The spouse comes from a country known for immigration fraud.

The spouse suggests the marriage be kept secret from family and friends.

The spouse attempts to manufacture evidence of shared life right before the marriage interview.

TechFusion has over three decades of experience recovering and identifying data and information. Our People, Tools and Experience are available to carry-out investigations of Marriage Fraud.

We discover evidence from …


Personal Data.

Instant messages.

Criminal Checks.

Properties Check.

Background Check.

Social media communications.

Cell phone short messages (SMS).

Expert advise on data gathering.

Photographs from phones, cameras or hard drives.

What Should I Do?

Consult the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website at www.ice.gov.

Call the hotline at 1-866-347-2423 to report suspected marriage fraud.

Expect ICE officials to be skeptical. Prepare to be questioned about the legitimacy of your intentions and key details.

Gather information digitally, ie. phone records, texts, email communications, photographs etc. as evidence.

You can email information directly to US Customs and Immigration at tips@uscis.dhs.gov.

Hire a good Family Law/Divorce attorney.

What is a Sham Marriage?

A sham marriage is when at least one of the parties of a marriage entered into the marriage for the purpose of circumventing immigration laws to falsely acquire immigration benefits. Fake marriages for the purposes of obtaining a green card can result in harsh penalties, including jail time and steep fines.

What are the types of Marriage Fraud?

A U.S. citizen is paid, or asked to perform a favor, to marry a foreign national already residing in the United States.

“Mail-order” marriage where either the U.S. citizen or alien knows it is a fraud.

A foreign national defrauds a U.S. citizen who believes the marriage is legitimate.

What are the Consequences of a Sham Marriage?

Sham marriages carry severe penalties with them. For example, if the sham marriage is based on immigration fraud, penalties can include:

A $250,000 fine.

Annulment of marriage.

Loss of current immigration status.

Possible conviction of a federal crime.

Lifetime ban on obtaining U.S. Citizenship.

Permanent removal out of the United States (i.e. deportation).

What is a “fraud interview”?

When a person is called in for a fraud interview, it signifies that their application has been identified as potentially fraudulent. They will be called in and examined in separate rooms and asked the same list of questions as their spouse. This will be documented and examined for inconsistent answers.

If one person created a sham marriage (i.e., one party intentionally deceived the other), the guilty party may have to pay retribution. This is typical if the arrangement resulted in losses to the innocent party. Often the marriage will be legally annulled. Serious offenses may be recorded on one’s criminal record.

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