Cell phones are used in everyday life for a constantly increasing variety of functions, and the need for data recovery on cell phones is growing. You may have gigabytes of data on your phone, including critically important files, calendars, contacts, text messages photos and more. While many modern phones offer backup systems, data loss can occur between backups, leaving you without access to your important files and contacts.

WARNING: Phones are a volatile, live data source. Important data is easily overwritten beyond retrieval from normal phone usage, including powering off and on, making calls, sending messages and taking photos. When data loss occurs, DO NOT USE THE PHONE. Follow these steps immediately to provide the best chance of recovery:

  • Put the phone into “Airplane Mode.” This will turn off all incoming connections and prevent new texts, phone calls, or emails from overwriting your missing data.
  • Do not take pictures, create texts, or make phone calls. Do not use the phone for any reason. Doing so runs the risk of overwriting your data, as the storage space is small, and therefore likely needed to store new data.
  • Power off the phone and do not power it back on again. Do not attempt to use consumer recovery programs, as these again run the risk of damaging and overwriting your data. Leave recovery to the professionals. Every time the phone is powered on, accessed, or used, data is written to the phone; minimizing these events will help the recovery effort significantly.
  • In the case of physical damage, avoid exposing the device to moisture, electric shock, or static. Place the device in an antistatic bag if at all possible. Do not attempt any component repairs, as this could damage the memory chips, and therefore your data.

Techfusion can address these common loss scenarios:

  • Logical failure – The mobile device is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as accidental deletion, overwriting, reformatting, lost volume, or software corruption
  • Physical damage –The mobile device is not functioning due to overheating, dropping, liquid damage, abuse, normal wear and tear, or other destructive and accidental means of damage
  • User error –The user of the device accidentally deletes or overwrites photo, video, SMS or MMS data
Techfusion handles all kinds of data loss, whether it be due to a cell phone with a broken screen which requires removing SIM card information, or something as complex as the recovery of corrupted or deleted text messages, phone records, and even data files on newer phones. No two cell phone data recovery cases are exactly alike, and a flexible, educated approach is necessary for high recovery rates.

Our services offer multiple data recovery service options for mobile device and memory card recovery. This list below highlights just a few examples of recoverable data sources:

iPhone Android
iPad Android Tablets
iPod MP3 Players
Mobile Phones (no “smart” capability) Palm
Blackberry Pocket PC/WinCE
What Causes Mobile & Handheld Device Failure?
  • System crashes
  • Viruses
  • Power surges
  • Natural disasters
  • Corruption
  • Hardware failure
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