Network Attached Storage (NAS) Data Recovery

Techfusion has been doing NAS data recovery ever since it began and can help you get your critical data back regardless of the brand or file system. Our engineers are trained and certified by all leading encryption software manufacturers to safely recover file-level and full-disk encrypted and unencrypted data.

We can recover data from NAS Units with the following problems:

  • Lost RAID configuration
  • Hard drives with bad sectors
  • Hard drives with a firmware corruption
  • Multiple hard drive failure
  • Unable to access any data over your LAN
  • Repair/Rebuild failed, cannot access data
  • NAS controller fault
  • File system corruption
  • Accidental re-formatting/deleting of data

What to do if you have a NAS Data Problem

  1. Do not attempt to repair or rebuild using the software or utilities. If done incorrectly or with the wrong stripe block size or disk order, this may corrupt your data permanently. Don’t risk it!
  2. Shut Down your NAS System, leave all of the hard drives power off. The sooner you do this, the better the chance your data can be recovered quickly and at less cost to you.
  3. Carefully label each disk with their corresponding drive bay number. If no bay numbers are available,  number them in the order you remove it (e.g. top to bottom, Disk 0, Disk1, Disk2, Disk 3, Disk 4). In many cases, we will need the enclosure, so do not remove the drives if you choose to bring the device to us for service.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Recovery

When SANs fail, a great deal of important information is on the line. Techfusion engineers are specially trained to recover the enormous amount of data contained on these systems efficiently and effectively.
Critical data sets stored on SAN devices, such as customer databases, accounting records, source code, test and measurement data, graphics, video files, and other intellectual property, can take days, months or even years to recreate. After decades of experience, we can provide recovery with an overwhelming success rate for all your data.

Because of its many elements, SAN architectures can be quite complex and the more complex the system, the more likely a failure can occur in one component, affecting the entire storage environment. All SAN recoveries are performed in a dust free clean room when necessary to ensure data protection. A major cause of unrecoverable data is due to individuals or technicians attempting data recovery on their own.

SAN failure can be due to one of the following:

  • Single or Multiple Disk Failure
  • Failed Software or Operating System Upgrades
  • Physical Failure (Clicking, Buzzing)
  • Virus Attack
  • System Crash
  • Accidental Deletion of Data or Reformat of NAS Volume
  • Fire, Water and Smoke damage
  • Power Surge Causing Physical or Logical Corruption
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