Did you know that almost 30% of customers infected by Ransomware had a second attack within 60 days? According to Forbes Magazine, by the end of 2019, the average cost for a ransomware recovery was $84,000. This figure keeps going higher and higher. This not only includes the possible ransom amount, but also the peripheral damage to hardware, repairs, lost revenue and reputational damage.

A new development that has occurred in this cybercrime activity is that the criminals are going beyond the act of just encrypting data, but also downloading copies of it with threats to release the data publicly if the victims do not cooperate. Your hijacked data may include customer and business partner data you have a responsibility to protect, and adds the element of potential law suits from 3rd parties for data breach.

The best advice, as discussed in the previous page, for any business, small or large, is to strengthen all defenses to be able to avoid an attack and to ensure that you have a reliable backup system in place.

Our goal as a company is to restore your business services as soon as possible and mitigate loss as much as possible while putting in place measures against future attacks. Future-proofing your network will secure your business defenses.


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