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Techfusion is one of the only companies in the world that can perform data recovery from a faulty or damaged USB flash drive with a hardware problem. We can recover data from most brands and models of USB Flash Drives with a high success rate!

We can also recover deleted files from flash drives and files from flash drives which are not faulty but seem to be inaccessible or corrupted due to file system problems.

USB Flash Drives with hardware faults require many hours of hands on, labor-intensive work. The process may involve removing the cover of the USB Flash Drive, removing the memory chip from the PCB and making a copy of the raw data on it to a file. We then work out how the data is being saved to the memory chip. Once we work out the method used for that particular model USB Flash Drive model, we can then extract the files. We can work with any brand, model or size flash drive, manufactured by Kingston, HP, San Disk, PNY, and many others. Your operating System sees the data on the USB flash drive simply as another external disk drive. The data, partitions and the formatting of your thumb drive can be erased due to virus activity, user error, or operating system malfunctions.

The cost reflects the complex nature of this work. In many cases, it can take us up to 24 hours to recover data from badly damaged USB Flash Drives. We have recovered data from hundreds of faulty or damaged USB Flash Drives that other data recovery companies have been unable to recover any data from.

Techfusion does not recommend using a flash drive as your preferred storage device. Instead, data should be saved to your computer’s hard disk and then be copied over to the flash drive. Since flash drives are very small it is very easy to misplace or lose them; and they’re frequently forgotten when connected to any USB port in the back of a computer system.

Flash drive data recovery is best left to experienced engineers. If getting your data back from a failed flash drive is critical because that’s the only copy of your information then make sure to stop using it as soon as you notice any data loss. Do not write any new information to a flash drive where data loss has occurred as this may overwrite the area where the lost files are located and may cause permanent data loss.

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