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Solid State Drive recovery is an advanced technical process that requires a specialized engineer, and often cleanroom service. Chip removal and raw data emulation are frequently required to recover files, both of which are exhaustive and time consuming processes. Techfusion offers the expertise and experience to recover data from SSDs effectively and efficiently. There are few firms in the US that offer the experience and skill to recover data from these unique devices. Techfusion also has the capability to recover data from proprietary Apple SSDs found in their popular Macbook Pro and Macbook Air computers.

Common causes of SSD or flash data loss

SSD and Flash storage devices can suffer some of the same causes of data loss as traditional storage devices such as hardware failure, human error, computer viruses, power surges, natural disasters, or software/program corruption. It is important to power off the device and avoid further usage or recovery efforts in order to preserve the maximum amount of data. SSDs present the following challenges to the recovery effort:

  • Proprietary data organization
  • Address line complexity (microprocessor communication routes)
  • Flash memory chip density (number of Flash chip configurations within an array)
  • Implementation of customized wear-leveling algorithms
  • Error Correction Code variables
  • Encryption and Encoding variations

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