Organizations large and small, high-tech and not, have fallen prey to hacking by cyber criminals. No one is immune. Cyber criminals continue to get better. Their attacks grow more sophisticated. Their attacks grow more frequent. In our wireless and Internet-of-Things (IoT) world, attack vectors have grown substantially.

Successful cyber attacks involving intellectual property theft, business plan theft, theft of customer or supplier information, or theft resulting in the loss of compliance such as PCI or HIPPA can put the enterprise at risk. Even minor attacks such as website defacement can be a major embarrassment to your business.

In-house IT teams lack the time and skills to test for and identify solutions to the growing attacks. To address this gap TechFusion offers Hacking Services. Working with your team the scope of our hacking attempts will be defined. In a manner that does not disrupt your operations, TechFusion will attempt to hack your systems. Operating as the “Red Team”, we will simulate real-world attacks on your networks and systems. We will provide you an objective report of our tests, including notes about the gravity of any vulnerabilities discovered.

Our objective: Discover and close your vulnerabilities before you’re hacked. All of our work adheres to the public Code of Ethics established by the EC-Council.

TechFusion has served greater Boston for more than 30 years, providing Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and now, Ethical Hacking services.

With a hacker’s mind-set and a hacker’s tool-set we will simulate real-world attacks and attempt to penetrate or compromise your…

  • Databases
  • Applications
  • External Networks
  • Internal Networks
  • Mobile App Security
  • Malware Infiltration
  • Your Wireless Network
  • Social Engineering / Phishing

  • Have you been hacked?
  • What has been found or taken?
  • Who hacked you?
  • How vulnerable are you to (another) attack?
  • What are the most critical vulnerabilities to fix first?
  • We perform Ethical Hacking for Organizations in the United States. We work only with your permission.
  • We will work with and require support from your IT team. Your IT team will be responsible for implementing fixes/patches to remedy vulnerabilities found by our hacking efforts.
  • We do not address matters involving Physical Security. Our work will be remote from your facilities.
  • We do not test or resolve desktop/personal computer virus or malware issues, unless the virus or malware may be from a compromised in-house server.

The Hacker's Hacker

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