Electronic Discovery, also known as E-Discovery, is the process of preparing, reviewing and producing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) that can successfully be used in legal proceedings. This can include searching for, locating, and documenting digital evidence from digital media such as computer hard drives, servers, flash drives, and various other media.
The process of electronic discovery is a critical and intensive process and requires trained computer forensic professionals to carry out safely without risking data or records stored on a computer. Our engineers have dozens of years of combined experience dealing with electronic discovery on actual hard drives and other digital devices.

E-Discovery differs from simply recovering hard documents because there is information that may be of importance that is not easily seen or found by looking at the document itself. This may include deleted emails, deleted chat logs, deleted pictures, hacking evidence, viewed web pages, login times, various passwords and many other forensically relevant items. Because modern computers keep extensive records of nearly everything they’re used for, the possibilities are effectively limitless, which is why a trained computer forensic expert is necessary to narrow a search down to only what is pertinent to the investigation at hand.

The TechFusion E-Discovery process is rigorous, streamlined, and quick.

It provides a way to convert captured data from many formats into a single easy-to-review format for complete assessment without the need for additional software.

Techfusion offers various E-Discovery options:

  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI) retrieval & production.
  • Turning paper hard-copy into searchable ESI, Bates stamped data.
  • De-duplication, redaction, organization, assessment and production of ESI in response to e-discovery litigation.
  • Consulting on data management, including data retention & destruction policies, and electronic discovery response teams.
  • Case-specific strategy to determine relevant e-discovery goals.
  • Defined, goal oriented work-plans directing the efficiency of the project.
  • Litigation support, trial preparation.

E-Discovery is usable in many types of cases, including:

  • Divorce
  • Spouse Harassment
  • Embezzlement
  • Child custody
  • Employee Spying
  • Wills
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