Evidence Preservation can be a huge challenge for businesses and individuals alike. Techfusion believes that preserving digital evidence early is a critical first step toward increasing your chances of a successful investigation or litigation.
As data is fragile, to properly preserve data, you need the right tools and methods to ensure all potentially relevant data is captured and remains intact. This sensitive information must also be secured quickly to prevent it from being overwritten, destroyed, or otherwise compromised. In any case, having the maximum amount of data available for collection is key.

Hundreds of electronic files change or are overwritten when a computer is simply turned on. Electronic data, such as user-created files, RAM memory contents, internet history, and network logs, is inherently delicate and can be easily modified through the course of seemingly normal usage. Proper data preservation practices enable you to capture fragile electronic evidence and, if necessary, obtain a forensic image or “snapshot” for further forensic analysis.

TechFusion can tailor-make a data preservation program suited to each individual, business, institution or organization. Our experts are trained to preserve data by forensically imaging digital devices without altering any of the data. We can retrieve deleted files, recover erased online browsing history, and preserve key evidence in criminal cases as well as in a wide variety of civil matters such as those alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, falsification of records, and concealment of product defects. TechFusion also has the unique ability to acquire and preserve social media posts, email, websites, online video clips, and other Internet media for litigation purposes without being in possession of  any hardware device belonging to the target of the investigation.

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