Memory cards are commonly used to store picture, video, and audio data from a variety of devices. When your memory card fails, turn to Techfusion to retrieve your vital data. We understand that photos are some the most precious data to lose, and will perform the recovery with utmost care. We work closely with the customer in order to ensure that the correct photos are restored to full working condition.
We can recover images from numerous types of cards including microSD, SD and compact flash from all major manufacturers such as Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. Some common failures include:
  • Damaged digital cameras
  • Failed safe removal
  • Corrupt photo files
  • Accidentally deleted photos
  • Reformatted memory cards
  • Fire, water or other physical damage
  • Electrical failure
Techfusion provides quick, convenient and cost-effective data recovery solutions for all your important images.

Tips to prevent losing your photos:

  1. Back up your images! Protect yourself and your irreplaceable images by backing up onto cd/dvds, tapes or an external hard drive to guard against data loss when (not if) your hard drive crashes unexpectedly.
  2. Transfer your photos. Place the images from the camera’s flash memory to a computer’s hard drive as soon as you can. Do not delete images or reformat the memory card while it is still in the camera. Wait until all photos are transferred and verified.
  3. Follow the instructions. Take care when removing flash memory from the camera or card reader. Use the “eject” command on the computer to avoid deleting or corrupting images and move the card icon from the desktop to the trash/ recycle bin before physically removing the card.
  4. Verify the transfer. Open the images on the hard drive before reformatting the card.
  5. Make more than one copy. Back up your backup media and keep a duplicate offsite in a secure location.
  6. Avoid extreme temperatures. Heat, cold and humidity can have devastating effects on digital equipment, especially flash memory.
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